About HSC

HSC is a market leader in spare parts for helicopters made in Russia.

The company performs an inventory and logistics support for exploitation of helicopters made by Russian Helicopters.

  • An exclusive provider of the 1 category aviation inventory (i.e. new spare parts) produced by Russian Helicopters and used for aftersales services needs of Russian Helicopters.
  • A company that implements modern technologies and services for updating of aftersales services and skyrocketing of customer’s satisfaction.

HSC's clientele includes over 250 companies. Most of them are helicopter operators and aircraft-repair factories.

The core directions of our Company are:

  • Logistic support
  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO)
  • Providing modernization for helicopter inventory
  • Organization of aviation and technical staff training
  • Technical support of helicopters operators
  • Devisement of online documentation
  • RH-Support service programs
  • Providing services for Maintenance and Repair Centers establishment near helicopter operation locations

The catalog of modernization was implemented on the HSC site in 2015.

«Exchange» service was launched in 2016.

Test exploitation of Sheremetyevo warehouse complex was started by HSC in 2017.

It is a unique building, placed in immediate proximity to the airport, equipped with a breakthrough logistics and inventory systems including: transportable racks, electric loading and packing equipment which guarantees the safety during the exploitation and shipment efficiency.

Transfer of 100% of the shares of repair companies in HSC in 2018.

Consolidation and transfer of 100% of the shares of 7 aircraft repair plants and 1 service center of Russian Helicopters Holding (99 ZATO, 150 ARP, 356 ARP, 419 ARP, 810 ARP, NARP, RH-Service, FEASC) in HSC.

  • Helicopter Service Company's Contact center
    Tel. +7 (499) 270-55-55, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
    By calling at this number the clients can obtain detailed information on spare part prices and delivery terms, as well as on the execution status of the current orders.
  • Helicopter Service Company's online-shop and simplified aviation spare part ordering and supplying pattern www.hsc-copter.com
    On the Web-portal, any client can inquire after the availability in Helicopter Service Company's storage depot, price, or possibility of delivery of any aviation spare part. The main advantages of placing orders via online shop include minimization of the contract documentation scope, reduction of the request processing and spare part delivery time. During the order execution time, the clients can check online the processing status of the current orders, as well as access the previous history of orders.
  • Helicopter Service Company's centralized spare part storage depot.
    To prompt supply of aviation spare parts around the world HSC operates the largest logistics center of aviation technical equipment for Russian helicopters - "Sheremetyevo".

HSC news

Novosibirsk Aircraft Repair Plant started online training

The Novosibirsk Aircraft Repair Plant (NARP) belonging to Russian Helicopters (part of Rostec) was the first in the Russian Federation to launch online training for aircraft technicians specializing in maintenance and repairs of various Mi-8 and Mi-26 helicopter versions. The Appendix to the Aviation Training Center Certificate for intra/extramural education was issued by the Federal Agency for Air Transport (Rosaviatsiya).

HSC will participate in HeliRussia 2019

16-18 May, 2019 HSC will participate in International Exhibition Helicopter Industry «HeliRussia 2019».

Special prices on spare parts

Special price on spare parts until the end of February` 2019.