99 Aircraft Process Equipment Plant


Joint-Stock Company “Aircraft Process Equipment Plant No. 99” is a modern, fast-growing enterprise of the Russian military-industrial complex providing high-quality services in the field of development of non-standardized process equipment for aircraft equipment maintenance and repair, supply of maintenance and repair service centers for various types of aircraft, as well as repair of aircraft equipment.



  •  Repair of complex gyroscopic instruments, aircraft equipment systems, electronic instrumentation units and radio-electronic equipment for aircraft
  •  Development and manufacturing of benches (test and control equipment) for repair and maintenance of aircraft and radio-electronic equipment
  •  Repair and calibration of test and control equipment and measuring instruments
  •  Manufacturing and installation of maintenance service and repair centers for aircraft and helicopters on the operation sites in different climatic zones



Address: Building 5, St. Dorozhnaya, Sherbinka, Moscow Region, Russia, 108852
Tel.: +7 (495) 984-68-59 Fax: +7 (495) 984-68-59 dir@99zato.ru


All the Helicopter Equipment made by the Russian Helicopters shall only be maintained or repaired by certified establishments having a Repair Work Permit.



  1. A License for carrying out development, production, testing, installation, assembly, maintenance, repair, disposal, and sale of weapons and military equipment No. 002732 VVT-OPR of 03.15.2013 (with no time limit), issued by the Russian Federation Ministry of Industry and Trade.
  2. Certificates of Conformity with SMK GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001-2008), GOST RV 0015-002 and other regulatory documents No. РОСС RU. V063.04OR00 of 08.20.2015 (through 07.19.2016) issued by ZAO Kaskad-Telekom.
  3. Permits for support activities (that are mandatory for carrying out the relevant activities) - For official secret from the Federal Security Service or 8U GSh VS RF GT No. 0071510 reg. number 24781 of 05.08.2014 through 03.28.2019, issued by the Federal Security Service Directorate in Moscow and Moscow Region.