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Series: Ка-32
Helicopter upgrade
  • Ice protection
  • putting out a fire

Helicopter upgrade

Helicopter Service Company JSC is working on the formation of the upgrading catalogue.

As of today, the following sections are active:

  • “Fuel system” where the replacement of main external fuel tanks with self-sealing main external fuel tanks.
  • “Hoisting and transportation equipment” is active which provides information on installing the cargo winch system SLG-300 used by helicopters in aid of search and rescue operations.
  • “Control System” where the replacement of magnesium bracket No. ЗЧУ 8АТ-5104-305 on the aluminum bracket No. 8AT-5104-405 is presented.
  • “Flight data recording systems” where the replacement of BUR-1-2 system with BUR-1-2 series 2.
  • “Power supply system” with retrofitting helicopters with backup power supply line for electric loads.
  • “Transmission” where the replacement of the transmission gears on helicopters of Mi-8 MTV/Mi-8AMT type and their modifications is presented with retrofitting the helicopters with backup power supply line for electric loads.
  • “Main rotor system” where the replacement of swash plate (SP) 8-1950-000 with 8-1960-000.
  • “Tailplane” where the replacement of stabilizer 8АТ-3100-00-03/04 with stabilizer 8АТ-3100-00-05/06.

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact HSC call center : +7 (499) 270-55-55.

Applicability of the upgrades to types of helicopters