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In order to increase the reliability, resources, service life and expand the functionality of the voice waring system, the voice warning system RI-65 (discontinued) is replaced with the on-board voice waring system of the new generation «ALMAZ-UPM».


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Applicable bulletein

Bulletin № Applicable


Mi-8МТV-1 helicopters, equipped by voice information reporting system RI-65

Requisition of work perfomance

Place of work performance

At the current location of the helicopter
or at the Aviation Repair Plant (ARP)

  • Certified Maintenance Organizations
  • Kazan Helicopters Plant
  • ARP

Voice warning system «ALMAZ-UPM» is designed for automatic playback of the preliminary recorded into the internal memory voice messages, which report to the crew and, if necessary, to the ground about emergency, dangerous and other situations, occurring on board.