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Cargo hoist system SLG-300 is intended for loading and unloading of cargo weighing up to 300 kg, rising and lowering people (no more than two people) in case of if it is impossible to land, in hovering mode at a height up to 50 m. This system allows to increase efficiency of helicopter operation during search and rescue activities and simplifies handling operations. There are two alternatives of installation of cargo hoist jib with SLG-300: on portside or starboard side of helicopter.

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SLG-300 comprises:

  • LPG-300 electrical hoist;
  • KUL-300 control box;
  • PUL-300 control panel;
  • RRP 200A manual drive handle;
  • set of wire ropes;
  • • spare parts, tools and accessories as per the system data sheet.


SLG-300 system is installed on cargo jib. Rack of cargo jib is mounted to fuselage near sliding door.


Carbo jib is rotated by the electric actuator MVT-300 and worm gear.

Lifting of people is performed with the hoist consisting of seat, life belt and suspension bracket. For lifting small cargo, 1500x1500 mm canvas hammock is used.

SLG-300 operates in four-speed mode with smooth speed change. Speed change is provided on the control panel by smooth pressing the speed-change lever.

The electrical hoist is fitted with a friction clutch coupling preventing breakdown of a gearbox and electric motors short circuit in case of excessive but short-time overload on the rope. The electrical hoist is also fitted with a retraction gear box that retracts the rope during unwinding and winding in no load conditions.


Technical characteristics:


Characteristic Value
DC power supply voltage, V 27
DC supply voltage at a frequency 400 Hz, V 200
Lifting capacity, kg 300
Rope length, m 60
Rope diameter, mm 5
Rope load, N (kgf) 2940 (300)
Load movement speed during rope retraction, maximum, m/s 1,4
Load movement speed during rope retraction, minimum, m/s 0,3
Load movement speed during rope extension, m/s 2,0
Load movement speed during rope extension, m/s 0,5
Weight, no more than, kg 78,25
Overall dimensions of hoist, mm 340х410х470

The following works are provided depending on the version of the installation:

  • Strengthening cargo floor for the lower support of the onboard jib;
  • Fuselage reinforcement for hoist jib installation;
  • Installing on-board cargo jib;
  • Installing pyro PP-3;
  • Adaptation of electric equipment;
  • Adaptation of installation-cable system when installing SLG-300;
  • Adaptation of the left knob «step-gas» (if necessary);
  • Installing the remote control for headlight on the right side (if necessary).


The following service bulletins have been issued for possibility of installation of cargo jib with SLG-300 system on Mi-8AMT helicopters and their modifications:


  • AMT2886BU-G «Transportation Equipment – Installation of Cargo Jib with SLG-300 System on Starboard Side»
  • AMT2888-BU-G «Special Equipment – Installation of Cargo Jib with SLG-300 System on Portside»