Training Center of AO "Novosibirsk Aircraft Repair Plant"

One of the priority activities of AO "NARP" is retraining and refresher courses for engineering and technical personnel who provide maintenance and repair of military and civil "Mi" helicopters. NARP Training Center is based on the only Russian enterprise that provides technical maintenance and repair for all types and modification of "Mi" helicopters. More than 75-year experience in aircraft operation and repair is used for curriculum and training materials development.

Training Center operates in accordance with license from Ministry of Education of Novosibirsk Region and certificate from Federal Air Transport Agency of the Russian Federation (Rosaviation). Training Center has everything necessary to organize and conduct retraining and refresher courses for aviation personnel and specialist in aviation equipment repair. Training curriculum is approved by authorized bodies in accordance with requirements of Federal Aviation Rules and Federal Law of December 29, 2012 "On Education in the Russian Federation" No. 273-FZ. If necessary, training is conducted with the help of Arabic, English, Spanish and other languages translators. Training materials can be translated as well. Practical and theoretical training is carried out by high-qualified instructors with experience in operating of "Mi" helicopters. There is an option to design individual training curriculum. NARP Training Center has no branches.

Head of Training Center – Ushakov Andrey.

Deputy Head of Training Center for theoretical training – Sirotina Tatyana.

To view the list of available training courses go to Training programs page and set filter for "Novosibirsk Aircraft Repair Plant" Training Center.

Training Center is located in a separate four-story building and includes:


  • classrooms equipped with modern computers and multimedia equipment;
  • a library with comprehensive technical documentation and educational materials in Russian and foreign languages;
  • lounge for trainees and other necessary office facilities.


Posters in electronic form, aviation equipment models, multimedia classrooms which demonstrate design, operation and maintenance of Mi-17V-5, Mi-26, Mi-35M and repair of Mi-17 helicopters, 3-D models and flash-animation are used during the course of training.

Multimedia classrooms are unique in that they provide not only knowledge about design, but also visual information about operating, maintenance and repair of helicopters which allows for a high level of personnel training.

Advantages of employment of multimedia classroom during the course of training:


  • individual approach to each trainee and assessment of their knowledge in the most objective way;
  • increased visualization, effectiveness and quality of training;
  • ability to teach trainees of different specialization in one group. Multimedia classroom provides an opportunity to get quality knowledge about maintenance and repair of helicopters and equipment in a self-study mode taking into account the individual characteristics, qualification and experience of the trainee.


Trainees retain access to traditional training methods and are able to get oral advice from AO "NARP" specialists.

Specialized aircrafts are used for practical training of maintenance. Practical training consists of demonstration of actions which are necessary for the preparation of the aircraft for flights and consecutive exercises for trainees under the guidance of the instructor.

Practical training of aircraft repair takes place on specialized work stations of AO "NARP" repair facilities.

The main feature of the training system in NARP Training Center is the optimal combination of continuous individual training with the help of computer technologies, production training and constant assessment of the level of professional training of specialists by an automated control system.

We organize transfer from and to airport, accommodation in hotels, provide three meals a day taking into account national specialties, entertainment and translator services for trainees. Conditions and cost of additional services are discussed separately. AO "NARP" has canteen and medical clinic on its territory which are available for trainees. Training Center can simultaneously train up to 50 specialists of different specializations. Trainees who successfully complete their courses receive a certificate.

Working hours: Mon-Fri from 8-00 to 17-00, lunch from 12-00 to 13-00, Sat-Sun are days off.

Address:  2/4 Ulitsa Aeroport, Novosibirsk, Russia, 630123
Tel.:  +7 (499) 270-55-55
Fax:  +7 (499) 270-55-55