Distance learning

LMS interface

LMS (learning management system) is a program for displaying the content of automated training courses developed by the Russian Helicopters’ enterprises. The system can be used both in the training center and remotely.

The content of automateted training courses meets the internationally accepted standard for the development of technical documentation and training courses – S1000D. The training programs are certified by the FAVT of Russia. At the end of the training a document of established form is issued.

Only theoretical training is conducted remotely.  Practical training, provided by the training program, is conducted in on job training format at the training center or at the location of the Customer..

Content of automated training courses
3D models
Standardized text
Temporary access to demo-version of LMS can be provided upon request.
For further information please contact HSC call center:  +7 (495) 660-55-60 (ext. 7575),  cc@hsc-copter.com
Access to demo training courses if not an official offer. No training documents will be issued upon completion of demo course.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact HSC call center: +7 (499) 270-55-55, cc@hsc-copter.com.
Distance learning programs