Retraining for onboard engineers on Ka-32

Brief course description

Program of conversion course (retraining) from other helicopter types to Ka-32 helicopter and its modifications for onboard engineers. Training is organized in the aviation training center of JSC "Kamov", a developer of Ka-32 helicopters. Flight training is available at the customer's location.

Training services are provided only for legal entities. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact HSC call center: +7 (495) 660-55-60 (ext. #7550)
Course structure

Theoretical, cockpit and flight training

Detailed course description
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Helicopter type


Duration of training

26 days (150 academic hours)


Russian (translation into other languages is possible, negotiated at request)

Practical training

Flight training - 3 hours 50 minutes
Onboard engineer is trained with other crew members under the instructor supervision during training flights for pilots

Theoretical training

Theoretical training - 136 academic hours
Ground training - 6 academic hours
Cockpit training - 4 academic hours

Certification process

5 exams and 1 test; Flight exam (test flight)

Outcome document

In the end of the course student recieves certifying document of conversion (retraining)

Required documents
  • copy of the passport
  • copy of the flight engineer certificate
  • medical certificate
Availability of training at customer's location

Flight training is available at the customer's location

Address:  26/1 Ulitsa Garshina, Tomilino, Moscow Region, Russia, 140007
Tel.:  +7(495) 669-23-90 (доб. 10-71, 10-76)
Fax:  +7(495) 553-80-02
Training schedule

Theoretical training
Training dates are available at request
Group up to 15 specialists

Flight training
Training dates are available at request
Group up to 5 specialists

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