User Agreement

1. General Provisions

1.1. The subject matter of this User Agreement (hereinafter – “the Agreement”) is the relations between JSC HSC (OGRN [Primary State Registration Number] 1037704005041, INN [Taxpayer Identification Number] 7704252960) (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) and the user of the Internet network (“the User”), hereinafter jointly referred to as “the Parties”, arising during the use of the Internet resource; (hereinafter – “the Website”), including all levels of the specified domain, on the conditions as specified in the Agreement.

The Agreement shall come into effect as soon as the User has expressed its consent with its conditions pursuant to the procedure stipulated in clause 1.3 of the Agreement, and remains valid for an indefinite term. The Company offers the Users access to the Website, its services and functions, including the tools for making purchases, ordering works, services, etc.

1.2. All the current Website functions, including the newly added Website services, are regulated by this Agreement, and as by provisions of the contracts and agreements entered into between the User and the Company, if a subject matter thereof relates to the use of the Website by the User. The Agreement may be amended by the Company without any special notice, a new revision of the Agreement shall come into effect upon its posting on the Internet on the page as specified in the same paragraph below unless otherwise provided for by a new revision hereof. The current revision of the Agreement can always be found on this page

1.3. By using the Website, any functionality and/or any service and/or its individual functions, or having passed the registration/authorization procedure, the User is deemed to have accepted the terms of the current Agreement in full, without any reservations or exceptions. Should the User disagree with any of the provisions of the Agreement, the User may not use the Website, the services of the Company, the functions of the Website. Should the Company introduce any amendments to the Agreement pursuant to the procedure stipulated in clause 1.3 hereof, which the User disagrees with, the User shall stop using the Company services.

1.4. The Website functionality is provided to the User free of charge unless specifically stated otherwise. Provision of separate services by the Company shall be regulated by special agreements and/or rules.

2. User Account

2.1. . In order to get access to certain functionality of the Website and/or to order goods/works and services of the Company, the User shall pass a registration procedure resulting in creation of a unique account for the User.

Registration is a combination of actions by the User in accordance with the instructions given on the Website, including provision of data and other information which is provided by the User through a special form of the Website User Interface for generation of a profile and gaining access to various functions of the Website. Profile means a personal section of the User on the Website connected with the User's account on the Website, in which the User has access to interaction with the Company on the terms offered by the Company.

2.2. Upon registration, the User confirms that he/she is an adult and fully capable individual registered in accordance with the procedure established by law and carrying out business activities without formation of a legal entity, or a representative of a legal entity, if the User acts on behalf of and in the interests of a legal entity that has duly authorized the User to perform any actions related to the use of the Website, its functionality and services, as well as to conclude agreements and contracts with the Company.

For the purposes of registration, the User undertakes to provide reliable and complete information about itself and/or the legal entity it represents when responding to the questions in the registration form and to keep this information up to date. Should the User provide inaccurate information or the should the Company have any reason to believe that the information provided by the User is incomplete or unreliable, the Company has the right at its sole discretion to block or delete the User's account and refuse the User in the use of the Website, its functionality and its services, and to terminate the contractual obligations arising from the actions of the User.

The User guarantees that it has all rights and powers necessary to execute and fulfill the Agreement. The User guarantees that it is of legal age and is entirely legally capable.

2.3. The Company reserves the right to require the User to confirm the data submitted upon registration and, therefore, to request at any time the supporting documents, the non-submission of which, at the Company's sole discretion, may be regarded as the provision of inaccurate information and may have the consequences as stipulated in clause 2.2 hereof. Should the data specified by the User in the submitted documents be not matching the data specified upon registration, and should be data specified upon registration be not sufficient to identify the User, the Company may refuse access to the account and use of the Website functionality and services of the Company for the User.

2.4. . When registering, the User independently chooses a login (a unique symbol name of the User’s account) and a password to access the account. The company has the right to prohibit the use of certain logins, as well as to set requirements for login and password (length, allowed symbols, etc.).

After entering the registration data, the User receives an email to the email address specified during registration containing an active hyperlink, the transition to which is necessary to confirm registration on the Website. The account is registered to one User's e-mail address once. The repeated registration of a new account on the Website with the use of the e-mail address earlier specified during registration is not allowed.

For the purposes of this Agreement, after confirmation of the User registration, any actions by the User give rise to the rights and obligations of the User and legal entity represented by the User.

2.4.1. During registration and/or editing of the User details, the User may be offered a possibility to choose the type of registration of its account: standard or extended. The registration type is chosen (set) by the User during registration on the Website and/or editing of the User details.

Depending of the type of the User registration, the User may get access to the various functions of the Website, and a possibility to enter into different legal relations with the Company and to execute contracts and agreements with the Company.

2.4.2.All actions of the User on the website performed using its unique login and password and the email address specified during registration on the Website, shall be recognized by the Parties as performed with the use of a simple electronic signature of the User. The orders made through the Website and the messages sent from the email of the User shall be deemed equal to the document with a handwritten signature of the User. Policy on the use by the Parties of a simple electronic signature is available at and form an inseparable part hereof.

2.4.3 Registration Types

Unconfirmed registration – a legal entity or an individual duly registered under a procedure established by law and undertaking entrepreneurial activities without forming a legal entity, that has registered on the Website but received no confirmation of its registration from the Company, and retaining this registration status until confirmation of its registration by the Company.

Standard account. The User who chooses a standard account receives a single User account with one login and password. Upon authorization of this account, the User who chooses the standard account receives a possibility to use the Website functionality to the extent available to the User.

Extended Account. The User who chooses an extended account receives a master account with login and password, and the accounts, logins and passwords for the User employees in the quantity as selected by the User, but not exceeding ____ accounts. The User employee is an individual with the valid confirmation from the legal entity with which it has the employment relations. The User authorized for the main account of an extended account receives the extended possibilities to use the Website functionality as compared to the accounts of employees.

The User acknowledges and confirms that any actions performed by the User’s employees entail the rights and obligations of the User as a legal entity to the full extent. The User shall be solely responsible for all actions of its employees and shall cancel/terminate accounts of its employees in advance in case of changes in their authorities.

2.5. The User shall be solely responsible for the security (guessing-proofness) of the means chosen by it for access to the account, and shall ensure security of such means by its own efforts. The User shall be solely responsible for all actions (and implications thereof) within the frames or with the use of the Website functionality and the Company services from the account of the User. The User undertakes not to transfer the data for access to the User's account to the third parties on any conditions (including under contracts or agreements). In any case, all actions within the frames of or with the use of the Website functionality and/or the Company services from the User's account are considered to be made by the User itself.

2.6. The User shall immediately notify the Company of any unauthorized (uncoordinated by the User) access to the Website from the User account and/or of any violation (suspected violation) of confidentiality of its means of access to the account. In order to ensure the security, the User shall securely log out from its account after terminating its session of work with the Website. The Company shall not be liable for the consequences of any kind as may occur due to violation by the User of the provisions of this clause hereof.

2.7. Termination of the Account Use.

The Company may block or delete the User's account, as well as prohibit access from any account to the Website and its functionality, including in case of violation by the User of the terms of the Agreement or other documents governing the relationship between the User and the Company.

2.8. Regardless of deletion of the User’s account from the Website, all obligations of the User towards the Company, including the existing applications and requests concerning the Company services made through the Website functionality shall remain in force until their execution by the User.

2.9. Personal Data of the User

2.9.1. While using the Website and the functionality offered by the Company through the Website (including during Registration, account editing, documents uploading to the Website, making requests for any goods/works/services of the Company through the functionality of the Website, but not limited to the above), the User independently and voluntarily decides to provide the Company with information about the User (name, surname, patronymic of the User, etc.) for the purposes of this Agreement, and any other existing or future agreements and contracts between the Company and the User, and herewith gives its consent to the processing of personal and other data of the User by the Company and persons belonging to the group of companies of the Company, and transferring such data (including cross-border transfer to the territory of foreign countries, providing adequate protection of the rights of personal data subjects) for processing by third parties acting on behalf of the Company, including for the below purposes: providing consulting support to the Users in connection with the use of the Website, obtaining statistical and analytical data to improve the Website functioning, receiving information and/or advertisement messages from the Company, preventing or suppressing illegal and/or unauthorized actions by the Users or third parties, ensuring compliance with the requirements of applicable laws. The Company takes all measures as necessary to protect personal data of the User from unauthorized access of the third parties.

2.9.2. All information about the User (regardless of whether or not such information is classified by the applicable law as personal or other protected data), posted by the User on the Website/ transferred by the User to the Company, is posted/transferred by the User in the interests of the User.

2.9.3. All information about the User (regardless of whether or not such information is classified by the applicable law as personal or other protected data), posted by the User on the Website/ transferred by the User to the Company, is posted/transferred by the User in the interests of the User.

The Company stores personal data of the Users in accordance with the internal regulations of the Company.

The Regulation on Personal Data Processing at JSC HSC is available at and is an integral part of this Agreement.

2.10. It is not allowed to use, distribute, copy and/or extract any materials or information from the Website manually or automatically (using automated scripts (programs, bots, crawlers)). Any such use, distribution, or copying of information from the Website is illegal, and the Company reserves the right to counteract such actions.

3. Consent to Receive Messages

3.1. The Company may sent information and advertisement messages to its Users. When using the Website, the User also agrees to receive advertisement messages in accordance with Part 1, Art. 18 of the Federal Law “On Advertising”. The User may opt out of receiving further advertisement messages by clicking a link in the received information and advertisement message.

4. User Content

4.1. When uploading/adding any content to the Website for its further use by the Company in any way on the Website, the User is responsible for the compliance of the content posted by the User with the requirements of current legislation, including liability to third parties in cases where the subsequent use of any content or the content itself violates the rights and legitimate interests of third parties, including the personal non-property rights of authors, other intellectual rights of third parties, and/or infringes upon the intangible assets in their possession.

When using the Website, the User may not upload, transmit or otherwise post and/or distribute any content that is illegal, harmful, defamatory, infringes upon intellectual property rights and copyrights.

4.2. The User is responsible for the accuracy, relevance, completeness and compliance with applicable law of the information provided by the User on the Website and its purity from third party claims. The User acknowledges and agrees that the Company does not verify the legal nature of any content uploaded by the User through the Website. The User understands and agrees that it shall independently evaluate all the risks associated with the use of the content on the Website, as well as reimburse the Company for all losses incurred by the Company as a result of any claims to the Company in connection with the use of the User's content on the Website.

4.3. For ensuring the Website operation, the exercise of legal rights and interests of the Company, including legal protection of the content, and for marketing purposes, the User grants the Company a universally applicable, perpetual and free-of-charge right to use the content uploaded by the Users in any way throughout the entire validity period of the exclusive right and the Agreement.

4.4. The User acknowledges and agrees that the technology of the Website operation may require the Company to copy (reproduce) the User's content, as well as its processing by the Company to meet the technical requirements of the Website functionality.

5. Exclusive Rights

5.1. All objects available on the Website, including design elements, text, graphics, illustrations, videos, databases and other objects (hereinafter - the Website content), as well as any content posted on the Website, are subject to the exclusive rights of the Company or other rights holders.

5.2. The content and any elements of the Website may be used only within the frames of the functionality offered on the Website. No elements of the Website may be used in any other way without prior consent of the copyright holder. Exceptions are cases as expressly provided for by applicable law or terms of use of specific functionality of the Website.

6. Limitation of Liability

6.1. The User is using the Website at its own risk. In view of the principles of design and functioning of the Internet network, the functionality of the Website is provided "as is". The Company accepts no liability whatsoever, including liability for the Website correspondence to the purposes of the User.

6.2. The Company provides access to the Website for the Users and maintains its proper functioning, promptly restores its operability in case of any technical failures and disruptions. Nevertheless the Company provides no guarantees as to the uninterrupted Website operation and restoration of the website operability in case of any disruptions within a certain time limit. Any technical failures and errors of the system may be reported by e-mail to the website technical support. The Company does not guarantee that the Website meets/will meet the requirements and expectations of the User; the functionality of the Website will be provided continuously, quickly, reliably and without errors.

6.3. The Company shall not be liable for losses of any kind incurred as a result of the User's use of the Website's functionality or its separate functionality. The Company takes the necessary measures to ensure that the User receives a high-quality service, including during technical disruptions in the Website operation.

6.4. The Company shall not be liable for a failure to perform or improper fulfillment of its obligations as a result of failures in the telecommunications and energy networks, malicious software, as well as abusive actions by third parties aimed at unauthorized access and/or disabling the software and/or hardware complex of the Service.

7. Miscellaneous

7.1. This Agreement constitutes a contract between the User and the Company regarding the use of the Website.

7.2. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws applicable to the legal relations between the User and the Company on goods/works/services ordered through the Website.

7.3. Should for any reason one or more provisions of this Agreement be held invalid or unenforceable, the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions of the Agreement shall not be affected.

7.4. The Parties assume an obligation to maintain confidentiality and without a written consent of the other Party not to disclose and not to make available to third parties any proprietary information of the other Party or any information having signs of such.

The Parties recognize confidentiality of all information received by the User in the process of its work with the Website and receipt of the Company's services (confidential information).

The User assumes an obligation not to disclose confidential information to anybody, except for the cases provided for by applicable law in order to comply with the requirements of the public authorities, law enforcement agencies or the court, or when such information is publicly available, or as mutually agreed by the Parties.

The Parties undertake to ensure confidentiality of information under this Agreement during its performance and within three (3) years after its expiration.

The information shall not be deemed confidential if such information:

  • is publicly available;
  • was known to the receiving Party at the time of its disclosure;
  • has been disclosed unintentionally, despite taking the same precautions as an accused Party takes for its own proprietary information.

The Party in violation of this provision shall compensate the other Party for all losses set forth by the current legislation, which the other Party incurred in connection with disclosure of information related to the performance of this Agreement.

Date of publication 10.11.2016